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The exacheck configuration key is used to control ExaCheck itself.

Configuration Keys

The following configuration keys are available for ExaCheck:

Key Type Default
live_reload Bool False
monitoring_interval Float/Int 30

Live Reload

Live configuration reloads may be enabled by setting live_reload to True.

Reload Behaviour

When enabled, during each monitoring_interval the master process will read the configuration and look for changes. If there are changes the new configuration will be validated. Should the configuration be invalid the reload will not proceed.

If the configuration is valid any new health checks will be added and removed health checks will be terminated/withdrawn. If a health check is modified the route for that service will first be withdrawn and the health check process terminated. A new health check process will then be setup.

Live Reload Limitations

Only the checks and notifications configuration keys support live reloading. Any other modified keys are ignored.

Monitoring Interval

The monitoring_interval option controls how often the master process checks for configuration modifications (if enabled) and that each health check process is running. If a health check process is terminated for some reason (eg. an unhandled exception) the master process will automatically respawn it at the next monitoring interval.

The default value of 30 should be fine for most use cases. Note that this value is NOT how often a health check is executed; that is controlled at the health check level.


To enable live reload and change the monitoring interval from the default 30 seconds:


# ExaCheck internal configuration
    # Enable live configuration reloads
    live_reload: true
    # Monitor for configuration changes and verify the health check processes are running every 60 seconds
    monitoring_interval: 60

# The list of health checks
    - ...