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Notifications may be configured to alert on route announce and withdraw events as well as other general information from the ExaCheck process. Notifications are handled by Apprise - a list of supported notification providers is listed on the Apprise Wiki.

Multiple notification targets may be defined; as an example you may want alerts for a specific service to go to one notification service but alerts for other services to go somewhere else.

Configuration Keys

Notifications are configured as an array of Notifications objects. The following top level configuration keys are available for each object.

Key Type Default
name String undef
description Optional String undef
url String undef
checks Optional List[String] undef
events List[String] ["announce", "error", "info", "withdraw"]
general_events Boolean False


The name for the notification target. The name is used for logging.


A description for the notification target. This is not used internally; it can just serve to make the configuration file more readable.


The notification target URL. The Apprise GitHub includes a list of supported services and their URLs.


An optional list of check names for filtering. Only notifications for the supplied check names will be sent to the configured target.


A list of event types allowed to send notifications to this target. The list of supported events are:

  • announce: Route announcements.
  • withdraw: Route withdrawals.
  • error: General errors encountered. These events require the general_events flag to be set to True.
  • info: General information events. These events require the general_events flag to be set to True.

General Events

Allow info and error events to be sent to the notification target. If set to False (the default) no info or error event messages will be sent.


The following are some examples of notification targets:


# The list of notification targets

  - name: Microsoft Teams Example
    description: This target will only receive route withdraw/announce events.
    url: msteams://organisation/TokenA/TokenB/TokenC/

  - name: Slack Example
    description: This target will events only for the checks "Example Check 1" and "Example Check 2"
    url: slack://TokenA/TokenB/TokenC/Channel
      - Example Check 1
      - Example Check 2

# The list of health checks
    - ...