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A pre-built image of ExaCheck including the various requirements is available from the ExaCheck Docker Hub page. To use the image you will need to create the exabgp.conf and exacheck.yaml configuration files.

Docker Compose

A Docker Compose file is available. Included in the repository is a sample ExaBGP configuration file and sample ExaCheck configuration file.

Inbound Connections

By default, ExaBGP does not listen for inbound BGP connections; only outbound connections are established. To allow inbound connections the environment variable exabgp.tcp.bind needs to be set. The provided Docker compose file does not allow inbound connections by default - the relevant environment line can be uncommented if you want to allow them.

Customising ExaCheck/Python Release

The Dockerfile is available should you want to change Python and/or ExaCheck release. The following build arguments are supported:

  • PYTHON_VERSION: The Python version for the container. Defaults to 3.11 currently.
  • EXACHECK_VERSION: The ExaCheck branch or tag to build from. Defaults to v0.0.10 currently.
  • EXACHECK_REPOSITORY: The ExaCheck repository URL to clone from. Defaults to

The same Dockerfile is used for building the DockerHub images.