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Loguru is used to provide detailed logging. By default, logs are sent to STDOUT with the capability of also being logged to files and/or remote syslog servers.

Some of the logging features include:

  • Multiple logging targets are supported - Logs may be sent to a remote syslog server and a local file if required.
  • Logs can be filtered by level, subsystem, event and health check - Filtering is applied per logging target.
  • Structured logging can be enabled for a logging target for easy processing.
  • A custom log format may be defined per logging target - if there is logging information that is not relevant to you simply supply your own format.
  • If logging to a file, rotation/compression can be handled for you by ExaCheck.

Check the logging configuration page to see available options.

An example of the default STDOUT log with verbose logging:

CLI Logging Example