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ExaCheck requires a recent version of Python; Python 3.10 - 3.12 is required. If you try to run ExaCheck on an earlier release of Python it will not work.

venv Setup

While not required, it is recommended that ExaCheck is installed in a Python virtual environment. To setup a virtual environment, first ensure that the relevant python-venv package is installed for the distribution you are running:

apt install python3-venv

Depending on the release, the venv module may already be installed. If not, install the python3-virtualenv package:

yum install python3-virtualenv

venv Creation

To create the virtual environment in /opt/exacheck:

python3 -m venv /opt/exacheck

The environment should now be activated before continuing with the PyPi or source installation:

source /opt/exacheck/bin/activate

PyPI Package

ExaCheck can be installed using pip from the PyPI package repository:

python3 -m pip install exacheck

All requirements will be installed automatically.

Source Build

To install ExaCheck from source you must have the git package available. To install from the main branch:

python3 -m pip install git+

To install a specific release, change the main branch to the relevant release name. As an example for v0.1.2:

python3 -m pip install git+

Post Installation

After installation, ExaBGP requires some additional setup. Follow the steps on the ExaBGP setup page.

Logging Directory

If file based logging will be used, the directory to store the logs must exist and be writeable by the user running ExaBGP. As an example, if you would like to log to the directory /var/log/exacheck:

mkdir /var/log/exacheck
chown exacheck:exacheck /var/log/exacheck

The relevant logging configuration in the ExaCheck configuration file would look like this:


# Logging configuration
  - method: file
    destination: /var/log/exacheck/exacheck.log

# The list of health checks
    - ...

ExaCheck Configuration

You may now proceed with the ExaCheck configuration. The example configuration files can be used as a template.